Deposit & Withdrawals


Upon completion of the registration process clients can fund and activate their account. The amount invested will be available in client's account. Clients need to click on deposit option as they log on in order to invest funds. Visa, Master, American Express and Maestro Credit & Debit cards are accepted in OzoFx.Clients also can fund their accounts using international e-wallets such as Neteller & Skrill. Below are the deposit methods that our clients can follow.

*Credit Cards/Debit Cards - Clients can use their Visa, Master and American Express cards to invest in OzoFx. This payment method is followed by so many people around the world because of the ease and popularity.

*Neteller & Skrill - Neteller & Skrill are online e-wallets used by most traders to Deposit & Withdraw funds of their trading accounts. This online payment processor is fast growing, easy & safe to use.


Clients are always encouraged by OzoFx to withdraw their profits and the investments whenever they require. They have the freedom to withdraw funds any time they want. OzoFx aims to process the withdrawals in a maximum of 7 working days and in most cases clients receive their funds earlier but never later than 7 working days.Client can apply their withdrawals by filling up the withdrawal form available in the link given below, or by logging into their respective account. Since the AML policy is strictly followed by OzoFx we never process withdrawals to 3rd party accounts. Funds can only be transferred to the account under clients account. KYC documents must be submitted by the client and approved by OzoFx team in order to process the withdrawals.Clients can also withdraw the funds to their Neteller or Skrill accounts. OzoFx will never claim any charges when processing withdrawals,Banks may have conversion charges/other charges based on their policies.

Account Verification

In order to comply with global Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules and the regulations and more importantly to make it easy and secure for the clients OzoFx conduct proper verification in compliance with Know your customer (KYC) procedures followed globally. The KYC process makes it possible for clients to secure their accounts since no unauthorized entity can access clients' details or withdraw funds from the account.In order to complete the KYC we require valid identification documents to be provided by clients these are verified by our compliance department in orderto verify the client's identity. This is a standard practice followed for all our clients worldwide.

We require the following documents within 14 working days of clients trading account being activated. The documents provided should be valid and clearly readable. The clients name on the documents should match with the name he has registered on his trading account with OzoFx.

* Proof of Identity (POI) - OzoFx require a clear government issued photo ID. POIs issued by workplace or schools are not accepted. The name, Date of birth and the address must be clearly visible.

* Passport, Driving License, Government Issued Citizen ID, Employee IDs issued by Government Departments

* Proof of Address (POA) - An address proof is required by OzoFx which clearly states the address of the client. The POA should be on client's name and should not be more than 6 months old.

* Mobile/Landline Bill, Credit Card Statement, Bank Statement, Utility Payments Bill.

* Credit Card - If the deposits are made with Credit Cards or Debit Cards OzoFx require front & back of the card issued in order to verify the ownership of the card. Clients are requested and strongly suggested to hide the CVV number at the back of the card. OzoFx never requests for the CVV number since that is confidential & should not be disclosed.Clients may also hide the middle 8 digits of their card number. Client's name & signature should be visible.

Islamic Trading Accounts

Online trading platforms operate 24hours a day, and allow people to choose from a large variety of instruments-Foreign exchange, commodities, shares, bonds, ETFs and more.Some of the positions opened by traders are done for day trading - positions opened for a few hours. Other traders, however, employ trades with a longer scope, and wish to keep their positions opened for more than 24 hours.

Keeping positions opened for over 24 hours is accompanied with a special fee called a SWAP. This special fee is a type of interest, and therefore creates a problem or Muslim traders following the Sharia law, which forbids certain financial transactions, mostly ones accumulating interest.

To solve this, brokers offer Muslim traders a special service called 'Islamic account'. This account has all the possibilities and options of a regular account; yet it is not subjected to any type of special fees or interest.OzoFx, as a broker fully committed to its clients, offers this service on the highest level. Open an Islamic Account with us today!

Note! OzoFx is not a legislative institution; therefore do not take this Islamic Account definition as permission to trade. Please verify all trading is in accordance with your beliefs.

*Cryptocurrency trading is not available on Islamic accounts, to trade cryptocurrencies clients must give up their 'Islamic account' privileges and be subject to special fees or interest.